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H2F Program

What is H2F?

The Holistic Health and Fitness (H2F) System focuses on the enhancement of the overall performance and effectiveness of Army soldiers through a multidisciplinary approach.

Athletic Trainers will function as integrated members of a Brigade-based multi-disciplinary team. H2F Performance Teams will generally consist of the following personnel: Physical Therapist, Registered Dietitian, Occupational Therapist, Cognitive Performance Specialist, Athletic Trainer, and Strength and Conditioning Coach.

H2F was implemented to:

  1. Optimize Soldier personal readiness

  2. Optimize physical and non-physical performance

  3. Reduce injury rates, particularly over-use MSKI rates

  4. Rapidly rehabilitate and recondition Soldiers following injury

  5. Improve overall Soldier and unit morale and effectiveness

5 Domains of H2F that intertwine with and support one another:

  1. Physical

  2. Nutritional

  3. Mental

  4. Spiritual

  5. Sleep

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Where is H2F Located?

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Get to know us!

Athletic Trainer Spotlight

Kym Mathis

"I enjoy teaching Soldiers that they don’t have to push through their pain. A lot of injuries can be prevented or improved with care."


Athletic Trainer Spotlight

Allyssa Richardson

My team and I also offer educational opportunities to our brigade medics which allows them the opportunity to learn and hone their skill sets to build their “tool belt” that they can use out in the field."

Allyssa Richardson.heic

Athletic Trainer Spotlight

Brittany Stanberry

"I have seen soldiers improve quickly from physical conditions when they are utilizing, or have utilized, multiple divisions of the H2F Program."

Brittany Stanberry.jpg

Interested in Joining
the Movement?

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